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I'm a Software Developer based in Delhi, India, specialising in building mobile apps, consider myself full-stack developer but I tend to work more on the front-end. I also enjoy making games and artificial intelligence robotics in my spare time. I enjoy building stuff, investigating new technologies and general hacking. I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive interface designs and developement.

I like eat, sleep and code. but When I'm not doing these things, you'll find me in the dance classes or with the guitar

Latest Projects

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Employee App

Restaurant employee App is dedicated App for hospitality industry, this app saves admin time, money, reduces headaches, and facilitates easier communication between all employees. Easily manage employee schedules, track performance, time clocking, and team communication in one single system from your smartphone, tablet or computer. This app is completly integrated with all the other modules of Cibo Restaurant managment system.

Key Features:- Create, update, share and edit shifts via the real-time schedule through a web browser or the Employee app

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Cibo Real Time App

Restaurant Real Time is the reporting app for savvy restaurant operators. Now you can track in real time your servers’ activity through data retrieved from your Cibo all in one restaurant management platform. This reporting tool brings timely information right to your mobile phone enabling, you to know what is happening with customer service moment by moment, where ever you are. Now you will know your labor cost and sales in real time, you will be notified when your employee's clock-in and clock out or when an item is voided. This knowledge facilitates quick management decisions impacting improved customer service, meal service and, ultimately, the bottom line through efficiency.

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Cibo Inventory App

Cibo Restaurant Stock Control & Raw Material Module ''Restaurant Inventory''.

Profitable restaurant depends on good management of food costs. Excellent stock control helps you make the timely decisions that make all the difference.

Restaurant Inventory is an all-in-one restaurant inventory management platform designed to optimize and streamline Back of House restaurant operations. The cloud-based platform and apps feature online purchasing, automatic inventory, real-time food and menu costing, POS Cibo sales integration and more

Download Cibo Inventory App

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vCamApp Mobile Apps

Simple to implement and Monitor our Home, Office etc. Setup vCamApp and you can keep an eye on your place 24x7 from anywhere.Features are: No need to buy any expensive hardware, work on low bandwidth network an well.Quick install and ready to go, Use it when you need it. Monitor from anywhere.Portable solution, setup anywhere

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Pblishing Mobile App

Share book idea:Share parts of your unpublished work or other interesting musings and writings. Get feedback from readers, connect with fellow writers and generate a buzz around your book.

Sell pre-orders:When you are ready to get published, just submit a book proposal and start a pre-order campaign. If you get 300 pre-orders for your book from your friends, family and readers, we become your official publishers.

We publish:Once you achieve the targeted pre-order level, we will start the publishing process of your book. We will edit, design, print, fulfill pre-orders, distribute and market your book. You will receive 30% of net sales as royalty fee.

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PaniniKeypad App Awarded with many country

The Panini Keypad is an intelligent dynamic keypad that offers you to type easy and fast in All indian language on your phone. This new technology constantly calculates and puts only 11 characters on the screen that you are most likely to type. Character Buttons are large and easy to point and you make less errors. The accurate prediction helps you compose difficult words in their correct letter sequences as per Unicode.

PaniniKeypad is an IME(input method editor) for android phones & tablets. This can be your default keypad. Also high quality intelligent dictionary auto complete and word prediction is offered in both All indian language and English. More innovations coming up.

Two rules 1. Look for the character, press it. 2. If character not there, press Next button.

Download PaniniKeypad App

Other Projects

Roman PaniniKeypad App(transliteration in Indian all languages)

Roman PaniniKeypad transliteration (formerly Roman PaniniKeypad Indic Transliteration) will a transliteration typing service for Hindi and other languages.This tool from Roman PaniniKeypad will based on dictionary based phonetic transliteration approach.In contrast to older Indic typing tools (which type by transliterating under a particular scheme),it will transliterate by matching the Latin words with an inbuilt dictionary.

Download RomanKeypad App

Whiteboard using Node.js

A Web Whiteboard is touch-friendly online whiteboard app that lets you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to easily draw sketches, collaborate with others and share them with the world.

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Work Experience

Software Engineer - Cibo App Ltd. (2017 - Present)

Android Developer on various components on a complex, clustered, mobile app software.

Software Engineer - CodeFire Technologies Pvt Ltd (2016 - 2017(January))

Leading a team of developers spanning from junior to senior developers working on a complex, clustered, mobile app software.

Software Engineer - Luna Ergonomics Pvt. Ltd. (2014 - 2015)

Working on various components of a complex mobile app software